Improving Strategies For Hunger Relief and Food Security Through Computational Data Science

 Research Traineeship Program

Frequently Asked Questions


How can IS4Good help me now and in the future?

Data science – the skills to access, organize and view information to enable better and faster decisions - was named by Careers site Glassdoor as the best job in America in 2016.  The high demand for these skills is likely to continue to grow at an above average rate in the future.  Careers connected to data science are economically very attractive.  Additionally, the skills can be applied in a wide variety of organizations.


But that benefit is only part of the story with IS4Good.  Just as important is the chance to do research that can directly impact the quality of life for others.  Our area ranks as one of the most food insecure in the nation, and improvements in the food supply can make a big difference for our neighbors in North Carolina.


So with IS4Good, you have the unique opportunity to build the data analytics skills demanded in the future while experiencing the personal satisfaction of making our community and world a better place.


Will doing research connected to hunger relief and food security limit future career options for me?

No, the opposite is likely true – your career options will be expanded.  The data sharing, visualization and analytics tools applied in the research may be used in virtually any organization or environment, including the socially relevant areas of healthcare, energy and environment, education, community development and security.